About department


Founding date : 10th October 1977
Our experience : more than 400 operations per year
Neoteric : The operations on extra and intracerebral tumors removal with or without extracranial spreading with simultaneous plastic of dura mater, skull bone and skin flap are performed in our department.
Study process : the department is the base for interns, residents and aspirants from Bohomolets national medical university and Aftergraduate national medical academy named after P.L.Shupik education.


400+ operated patients per year
12 countries
30+ consultations per day
4 highest grade neurological surgeons

Chief of the department, M.D.

Kvasha Mikhail Sergeevich

Vice chief of the deparment, Ph.D.

Kondratiuk Vasyl Viktorovich

Neurological surgeon

Gerasenko Kostyantyn Mikhailovich

Neurological surgeon, Ph.D.

Mosiichuk Stanislav Sergeevich

Neurological surgeon

Molotkovets Vitalii Yuriyovych

Neurological surgeon

Nykyforak Zinoviy Mykhailovych

Neurological surgeon

Long Jang

Neurological surgeon

Ukrainets Oleksii Valeriyovych

Neurological surgeon

Tsymbaliuk Yaroslav Vitaliyovich